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Company Profile

Enviro Way Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. based in Canada forayed into the Indian market in the year 2004 with an aim to provide complete solution to waste water treatment. Today, empowered by world class technology and team support, the organization makes contribution towards water conservation by expertly intertwining concepts of Engineering and Biotechnology so as to maintain a fine balance between present water usage and future needs.

On its efforts, Enviroway Bioscience is aided by technology giants like EnviroWay, Canada that is specialized in different facets of water and waste treatment. The company has a work experience that encompasses more than three decades and helps it to deliver comprehensive and seamless water treatment solutions to a number of industries, government and several projects. An experienced team of analytical, process, IT, design and engineering experts with biological, chemical, information technology and engineering as their core knowledge further enhances the expertise of the company and helps it work through various audit process and offer solutions that warrant better water management.

The company has proven expertise in offering innovative and automated wastewater treatment solutions that are tailored to exact client requirements. These solutions are rendered with special emphasis on data management and analysis through strong management information system. It is our integrated approach that helps us considers both treatment and source control so as to deliver reliable yet cost effective solutions. Our solutions aid clients to bring about a significant reduction in thier investment and operational costs through an integrated pollution strategy as opposed to end-of-pipe technologies.

Our Team

At Enviroway, all operations are executed by a team of highly skilled and dynamic professionals who work 24×7 to grasp and resolve various environmental concerns related to waste water treatment and management. They comply with prescribed guidelines while discharging their responsibilities. Their ongoing support has been the major backbone of our organization in the long run.

Through the continual support of our experts, we have addressed environmental concerns of many well known clients hailing from the industrial sector of India and have successfully proved our expertise in resolving water, waste water concerns. We have also pioneered the concept of advanced bioengineering, so as to offer holistic, cost effective and eco-friendly solutions and meet the stringent pollution control norms of PCB.

Our team is steered by visionary personalities who believe in setting benchmarks in every type of services or products. They embed the latest technological knowhow into our business processes and see to it that we deliver nothing short of comprehensive, practicable, economical and best products & solutions to the customers.

Our Expertise

Our area of expertise covers almost every sphere of water and waste water conservation and includes:

  • Providing seamless support and solution to real time monitoring system (RTMS) that include installation, calibration and comprehensive maintenance contract including periodic sensor calibration and validation
  • Supplier of best quality diffusers, membranes, media ,ETP lab chemicals and lab equipments
  • Data acquisition, verification, validation, statistical analysis and interpretation
  • Handling of data and managing data through state of art database management system
  • ETP adequacy report and water auditing report preparation. Effective water management is done by optimizing the entire process of water consumption & discharge
  • Complete study of the plant technically and recommendation of the required modifications for the better efficiency of the plant. Preparation of Feasibility Reports for ETP/ STP
  • Having in-house capabilities for design, detailed engineering, fabrication, erection, commissioning and back-up technical support for water pollution control equipment/plants
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Operation and maintenance support as per client requirement
  • Providing support of lab equipments and latest electrical & mechanical equipment as per the requirement of ETP/ STP/ WTP due to effective tie-up with reputed and competent manufacturers.
  • Qualitatively executing the repair & service work of the electrical & mechanical equipments as per the client’s requirements
  • Bio-augmentation of existing ETP’s & STP’s for efficiency improvement, longer life and better up keep of plant, machinery & pipelines and in return saving their operating expenses
  • 3 R- Increase water re-cycle, Re-use and rescue through best quality of effluent
  • Updating clients with the latest regulatory compliance

Our Clients

Enviroway has established its proficiency in delivering efficient services in handling environmental concerns whether it be RTMS, chemicals, biological, or ETP management of almost all industrial sectors. Through dedicated and sincere efforts, Enviroway has been giving services to majority of industries and wish to expand its domain further.

Enviroway at present is serving more than 100+ industries resolving their concern with most appropriate solutions. Our list of clients include BILT, ITC, Pudumjee Paper mill, Kuantum papers, Star paper mill, Modinagar paper mill, Anand duplex ,Dev Priya group and many more…

Other than this, we have also made our presence in the beverage industry, dairy industry as well as in the government sector with unmatched results.

With the untiring efforts, Enviroway is slowly and slowly heading ahead in the field of water conservation and management and setting new benchmark at every step.

Enviroway Team -A call away

By coming up with quantifiable benefits for our customers, we explore and explain how efficiently they can recycle their water for further consumption before the process of final discharge. For an EnviroWay customer based in any part of India, a service engineer is just an email away. Our client base across India repeats over 90% of our business every year.

We are guided by a mission that entails us to introduce a range of modern, innovative and environmentally friendly products/solutions that are way better than conventional treatments. We take pride in our ability to effortlessly adapt to varying customer needs, which helps us render economic and innovative solutions of high quality standards.

"Life depends on water, the reservoir depends on you."